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Bedding Basics

Updated: Mar 19

Choosing a hotel for your carefully planned vacation holiday can be a daunting task, and often the bedding basics are overlooked by travelers...until you get into that bed that does not help you shake off the jet lag and keeps you exhausted for the duration of your stay. Ask the important questions. Call Frederick William House anytime to ask...Is the bed soft? Hard? Pillow top, or foam top? Is it Posturepedic for the sleeper with the bad back? Are the sheets cotton or microfiber? Is there a pillow bar or a variety of pillows offering different softness levels? Does the bedding have down? Or is it hypoallergenic? Is it a Cal King, King, Queen, or Double? Are there duvets or are the blankets quilted? All of these questions are real. The choices of bedding effect your vacation stay. It makes that night a dreamy night...or a horrible night. Don't be afraid to ask us any questions about your bed, the bedding that will dress your bed for the time of year you are planning to stay. And remember that third party booking sites will never have the answers that calling direct will have. Travel Safely!

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