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Traveling Domestically during Covid19...

The pandemic has given the travel industry many challenges, but many little B&B’s have risen to the occasion. We have seen some very different things this summer...from accommodating first responders to convalescent home escapees. It has been a whirl wind. many questions arise from travelers and expectations that the hospitality industry cannot do during Covid19. We have implemented contactless check in through our self check in process, our current Breakfast Buffet is contactless, breakfast seating is staggered miles away from other guests, and the saddest change for me as a B&B owner is our new cross Contamination Control policy...we do not enter your room after check in (unless you request turn down service land arrange a time when you will be out of the room for hours). Most visitors have appreciated the efforts taken to help stop the spread of the virus while some are not. The beaches on Cape Cod are still breathtaking...even more so during lock down without smog. I have seen the clearest air quality in my entire life during this pandemic...and the leaves during this season are just as spectacular. Don’t be afraid to travel, just know that special measures are in place to try and make your travel experience the safest it can be!

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